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yup, I have a sweet ginger pussy…

Do you want to guest star in one of my videos? Just imagine my soft lips wrapped around your cock as you fill my mouth with the gift of your warm delicious cum! Making porn on PornHub is my most favorite excuse to get some strange, and since I’ve gathered such an encouraging fan base, it’s time to show some fan appreciation as well as satisfy my lust for a stranger’s cock.

If I pick you, you’ll have to come to meet Ash and me here in western NY. We’ll hang out for an evening and warm up to some warming up. Once we’re comfortable I’ll shoot a BJ video with you, then after we’ll see what happens next, after all, I might have to fuck you if you’ve made it this far šŸ˜‰

I prefer gentlemen between 18-60 years old who is height and weight proportional, healthy, well groomed with good hygiene. Please be respectful and gentle with me, treating me right will make me want more of you. I welcome all types of cocks, big or small!

To play you’ll have to:

  • Be willing to sign a release and provide two forms of ID for us to snap photos of. We can’t make porn without the legal stuff!
  • Be able to travel to western NY and arrange your own accommodations. I do this for fun, so you’ll have to get to my city.
  • Be able to provide a current STD report dated within a month from when you’re coming to visit me. We all want to be safe!
Send me a selfie!
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