Cum help me celebrate one year on PornHub!

This could be your cock!

Hey there! I’ve officially been on PornHub for one year! Did you know that I’m totally game for sucking stranger’s cocks, and have yet to meet a stranger who’ll let us film the fun? What a shame, I know. Let’s change that!

This year in PH I’d like to encourage my most adoring fans to stop by for a visit in western NY to play with me on camera! Ash would like to film me sucking off some fans so let’s get it on! Just head to my fan search page to see the details and submit yourself for the role. If I think your cock looks delicious we can start planning an opportunity for you to come to meet me, and make some fan appreciation videos!

Just imagine! Once you’re in my city we can meet up for a drink or two with Ash and me, then head back to your room for an evening of pleasure. Ash wants to start filming as soon as your ready, so that we can capture the excitement of me taking your cock out and into my mouth for the first time. I’ll give you one of the best natural blowjobs you’ll ever have until you fill my mouth with your hot cum. Swallowing a strange man’s cum for the first time is so exciting! After that, we’ll fool around and see what comes next!

Believe me, or my husband, it’s a tight gripping squeeze!

Want to feel this tight pussy squeezing your cock? Do you want to cum inside me? You can! So what are you waiting for? Entering my fan search is free!

Love Ya’ll XOXOX

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